Contract Name

Brief of Consultancy Services Provided



Consultancy services for supervision and coordination of construction of works for Kiambu Water Supply DESIGN REVIEW AND SUPERVISION
  • Mass concrete weir intake works across the Riara and Kamiti rivers
  • Raw water intake works 318m of DN200mm steel raw water gravity main in Riara and 383m of DN 150 steel raw water gravity main for Kamiti
  • 4000m³/day Treatment works at Riara and Kamiti consisting of 4 flocculation tanks, 4 units of sedimentation basins, 4 filter units, Chemical Building, Utility Building, 48 m3 steel elevated pressed steel backwash tank, backwash pump house and installation of backwash pumping units, and 150 m3  masonry clear water tank;
  • Power mains supply
  • Ancillary works at the treatment works consisting of access roads, street lighting, site drainage and water supply.
  • Treated water steel transmission pipeline consisting 3.1km of DN200 and 2.4km of DN250 steel pipes in Riara and 7.2km of DN 200 and 3.6km of DN 250 in Kamiti.
  • Construction of 1250m3 tank for Riara system



Provision of Consultancy Services for preliminary and detailed design, bidding documentation, Supervision and Coordination of Wote, Mwala and Amboseli Water Supply Schemes in Tanathi Water Services Board Area

The proposed works in this project involves;
1. Wote water supply system
  • Intake works at Kaiti River
  • Water treatment plant – 2000 m3/ day
  • Pumping Raw Water Main 1km
  • Gravity Treated Water Main 25Km
  • Ground masonry water tank
  • Booster station
2. Mwala water supply system
  • Intake at Athi river near Kayata
  • Gravity Treated Water Main approximately 50Km
  •  Water treatment Plant of capacity of approximately 5000m3/day
3. Rehabilitation/augmentation of Amboseli Pastoralist Water Supply


Construction of Water and Sanitation Facilities in Kibera Informal Settlement. To provide support and facilitate AWSB on design review, production of construction drawings, supervision and coordination of ablution blocks, sewer and water pipeline construction.
4 Supervision of Construction of Waterlines for Nairobi Informal Settlements.

Design review, detailed design, construction drawings, supervise and coordinate the construction of 5.83 km of waterlines comprising of; 600m of DN 200 GI pipe Class B; 2,680m of DN100 GI pipe Class B; 2,550m of DN50GI pipe Class B.